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Planning to build a website? Get WordPress Assistance for Success!

Over the past many years, there have been a lot of changes in the whole society. And, digitalization is one of those transforming trends that are never-ending. It keeps on evolving without any signs of slowing down in the coming future.


Be it an apparel store or airline or school or anything, every business holds an online presence nowadays. One major driving force behind this trend of developing websites is the growing interest and increased time spend of the audience on digital devices.


Moreover, there is a lot of conveniences involved in the usage of such devices with 4G or 5G networks.


Therefore, the merchants are occupying online spaces so that they can reach a wider audience to grow their business sales or to spread their ideas. When we talk about setting up an online website, we don't need to run and manage a sales channel. There are some other knowledgeable websites as well. And, a few fine illustrations include blogs, educational sites, and so on.


No matter which industry or target niche you deal in, the foundation should be strong in terms of the web platforms and other technologies that you use to design and develop websites. Fortunately, there are a lot of web platforms available that cuts down on the hassles of the developers as well as the merchants.


One such platform is WordPress, an open-source CMS. With strong community support from dedicated WordPress developers, this web platform is growing tremendously.


Initially introduced as a mere blogging platform, WordPress has evolved immensely while satisfying the need for assorted business lines. Be it educational or eCommerce, WordPress holds the capacity to surprise you at every layer of it.


Below, I have curated a list of its benefits that are quite appealing while aiming for success. Let us begin!


- It is open-source software, cost-effective, and scalable software.


In comparison to other CMS available in the marketplace, setting up digital space with WordPress is far more affordable and scalable. And, the top of all, WordPress is open-source that means the developers can easily use, modify, and extend the source code and that too without any additional fee.


- A multi-purpose platform.


One major attraction of WordPress is its capacity to be utilized by any product line. For instance, if you a blogger or some other informatory content website, WordPress is the best suited for you. Even the basic version of this software will work for you, without the help of coders even.


And, in case you wish to set up a fully-functional sales channel over WordPress, you need not worry at all as there are several third-party plugins and extensions available which can be integrated into WordPress. Hence, WordPress is a multi-purpose web platform.


- You will get an SEO-friendly approach with WordPress.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a pattern to fortify the online visibility of a website in assorted search engines like Google, Bing, etc. in an organic way (not paid).


And, WordPress is one such platform that helps you to automatically eradicate several SEO issues. WordPress platform is an SEO-friendly platform. Additionally, it offers loads of tools that assist you in every post and web page optimization of your website.


Moreover, the websites built over WordPress are mobile-optimized, compatible across all browsers, offer ‘search-engine-friendly’ URLs.


To Wrap Up


Whenever someone thinks of setting up things online, there is always a need for reliable, cost-effective, user-friendly, and time-saving web design and development platform. And, WordPress posses all these irresistible qualities.

Magento SEO Practices - Accelerate SERPs Ranking for Greater ROIs

Search engines like Google are dominating the digital vendors. A huge number of individuals rely on SERPs (search engine result pages) to perform various activities like purchasing, booking tickets, to find the best doctor, etc.


An eruption in the usage of mobile technology accompanied by an easily accessible internet network have added to such dependence on search engines. Now anyone can simply open a browser and look for required services.


If we take an example of Google, it is a great source of web traffic in itself. While optimizing and accelerating your Magento site’s ranking on its SERPs, you can easily make greater ROIs. Every expert Magento development agency that we hire to build our store online, plays a vital role in its search engine optimization.


However, there always remains a room for enhancements and accelerating SERPs on different search engines. In this, I am going to discuss those. Let us have a look below:


Using Nofollow Link


A website contains several pages like my account, contact page, etc. And, not every web page you would wish to index on search engines. It calls for the need of nofollow link for those types of pages that you don’t want to index.


Make sure you add entries to your robot.txt file and robot setting is further indexed.


Utilize Sitemaps


To define, sitemaps contain the information of website content to help search engine crawlers and users to navigate through your website. Using sitemaps ameliorates the way your Magento store is indexed.


It is primarily designed to locate those pages that might be unnoticed by the search engines. You can configure a sitemap to index all images and pages of your Magento site.


Avoid Default Descriptions


Every web page of your Magento store should contain a unique description. And, you need to make sure that each of the descriptions gets indexed.


Go for Custom Web Development


Custom Magento development is always beneficial. This is due to the reason that we incorporate the solutions that cater to our specific niche.

Exploring and analyzing your target audience niche and its preferences always help you to build a store that outperforms.


Choosing a default website structure and amending it for your preferences will consume more time and cost you on higher sides.


Fix Page Load Times


Page load times of your Magento website impact its overall ranking on SERPs. On average, the ideal load time is around 3 seconds or less. Therefore, you need to make sure your Magento website is not taking more time to load.


Start with testing page load times of your website with various free to use online tools available like GTmetrix. You simply insert your website URL, and it will provide you with a detailed analysis on page load times along with areas of improvement.


Go for Magento 2.x


To get the best of Magento software, you are recommended to update from Magento 1.X to Magento 2.X (if not updated yet). As Magento officials have declared to stop supporting Magento 1.X version from 2020.


Adding to this, opt for the latest version of Magento 2.X. With every new release of Magento software, both retailers, as well as developers, will experience the best world-class SEO support features to conflict the industry competition. Apart from SEO enhancements, you will get different benefits like bug resolutions, and other important areas covered with every latest version of the Magento eCommerce platform.




Every second billion searches are being carried out over different search engines like Google or any other. That very second if you have not indexed your Magento store, your business is likely to miss out on 100s of users, if not 1000s.

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We offer our clients with flexible Wordpress developer hiring packages based on their project requirements and budgets. Hire WordPress developer from India from us as they efficient and dedicated to their work. Call us now to discuss your project requirements.